Florida has many Parks for birding, but did you know parks aren't the only birding hotspots? Roadside Marshes, Bridges and Fields also have great Birding, as do several towns.   I have separated Florida into 5 "Regions". Each one has its own Birding to offer, and are all unique. Enjoy!

Each hotspot is linked to the Ebird page for the hotspot, with lots of information. If a star is next to the hotspot name, it indicates the spot is a must-stop for Birders


The Panhandle of Florida is great for birding: it brings you Florida coastal Birds while also bringing you Birds from up north. With more counties than any other section, the Panhandle is perfect for county listers.


The Northern section brings you awesome coastal areas that have great migration Birding. It also offers great inland spots.


Central Florida is alive with spots: From Lake Apopka to the Space Coast to Pinellas County, Central Florida has some of the best hotspots in the State.


The best section in the State, Southern Florida has most of the the Florida specialties and also gets lots of rarities.


Made up of Islands, the Florida Keys are ideal for Migrants. 39 Warbler Species have been recorded throughout this section, making it one of the best spots for Migration in the Country.