When You're Bird watching, it's always important to bring equipment, no matter what climate You're in.
In Florida, there are 8 habitats:
 Mangrove swamps, Cypress swamps, Dense forests, Marshy swamps, Beaches, Open Meadows, Lakes, Small ponds & Urban Cities.

Here is what I suggest for Birdwatching Equipment:

Camera, more than 24x.

Binoculars, more than 7x.

field guide (Check out the "Books & Pamphlets" section).

Insect Repellent, especially in summer.

Sunscreen, when it's sunny or when You're at the Beach.

Food & Drink (Some Parks don't allow it on the Trails).

Small Notebook, for bird lists.

Cell Phone (Make sure You know the Parks' phone number).

Sunglasses or Sunhat, if it's too sunny.

Sneakers or Water-proof boots.

Long pants or Jeans.