Birds are the main Wildlife in Florida, but other wildlife can be interesting.

Animals to be careful of.

Alligators- They can be found in almost every lake in Florida. They are cool to watch, but keep You're distance.

Black Bears
- They can be found in heavily wooded areas in Florida, and a few have been sighted in neighborhoods.

Florida Panthers
- An Endangered Species, it can be found in the Big Cypress National Preserve & other Parks.

- They roam around Parks with dense woods & open Meadows.

- They are found in the Everglades.

- They can get close to the Shore on East Coast Beaches.

Ticks & Mosquitoes
- Some of them carry Disease, so bring strong Insect Repellent.

Other Animals.

Deer- They can be found in Meadows & woods across Florida.

- They can be spotted in woods throughout Florida.

- They gather in Blue Spring State Park in winter, as well as some other waterways.

-If You get out early enough, You can spot them leaping from the ocean in many Parks.

Turtles- They are found in almost every Lake in Florida.

Squirrels- They can be a nuisance in yards, but they are very interesting Animals & are found everywhere in Florida.

Armadillos- They can be found in a few Parks in Florida.

Frogs- They are found in any Lake or Pond in Florida.