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          Book of North American Birds                                                                    Guide to Florida's Gulf coast Birds            
                 Readers Digest                                                                                          Florida Guidelines                                

Bird songs: 250 North American Birds in song                                                              Checklist of Florida's Birds                
                 Les Beletsky                                                                                                     FWC             

       200 Bird songs around the World                                                                          Florida's state parks
                Les Beletsky                                                                                          Florida State park service

         The backyard birdhouse book                                                                              Florida hiking trails
         Rene' & Christyna M. Laubach                                                                                   Visitflorida

Florida's Birds: A Field Guide & reference, 2nd Edition
      Herbert W. Kale ll & David S. Meahr

   The master guide to North American Birds
             The Audubon Society

           The Sibley Guide to Birds
                David Allen Sibley

 A Guide to Birds of the Southeastern States
                John H. Rappole